Frequently Asked Questions

Using Our Website

    • How do I search for a book on your website?

Look for the SEARCH field in the upper right corner of every page on our site. You may search by author, title/subtitle, or ISBN. Our Browse Books feature allows you many browsing options. You can limit what books you see by focusing on a specific subject or series—or you can even even limit your browsing to just paperbacks (or hardcovers, or ebooks). Whether searching or browsing, once you’ve decided on the kinds of books you want to see, you can sort that list by title, author, or publication date.

    • What are your cookie and privacy policies?

Our privacy statement can be found here. We will confirm a user’s consent whenever they enter a part of our site that requires cookies.

About the Press

    • How can I work for the UGA Press?

When openings are available, full-time jobs are posted here. We strongly recommend that you also monitor the availability of Press jobs here, at the University of Georgia’s central job search site.

    • What is a “university press”?

On behalf of the 100-plus university presses in the US alone, thanks for asking! Your answer is here.

    • Are you the UGA printing department?

We are a publisher, not a printer. Even if we can’t help you, there are still lots of ways to get something printed at UGA. The best place to start finding a printer is here.

    • Are you the Georgia Review?

No. We are friends and collabarators with the Georgia Review (check this out, for instance). But, we are separate operations. The Review‘s website is here.

About Our Books

    • Does the UGA Press sell ebooks?

Yes. Go here to find out more.

    • What kinds of books does the UGA Press publish?

We publish both general interest and specialized scholarly books. To get a better idea of the kinds of books we do, take a look at our subjects listing. If you are looking for a publisher, you should also take a look at our interest areas. They closely reflect our subjects, but express them in a way perhaps more relevant to a prospective author.

    • Where may I find books published by the UGA Press?

For starters, here on our website, directly from us! Our books are also available from independent neighborhood booksellers, large chain retailers, and online retailers. Details about all of this are here.

    • What are your newest, most recently published books?

Our very newest books are listed in the “New and Forthcoming” feature along the right side of our homepage. You may also click the “FIND BOOKS” link near the upper left corner of any page on our site. The first books you see will be our newest books. We also produce two catalogs of new books per year (one for new books coming out in fall and winter, and one for new spring and summer books). See those catalogs here.

Contacting the Press

    • Where are the UGA Press offices located?

Our offices are in the Main Library, on the UGA campus. Find directions here.

    • How can I contact someone on your staff?

Our staff directory is here.

    • How can I contact an author?

Our policy is not to give out contact information for our authors. That said, many people who publish with us are easily located through their author website or through the staff listing of the school or organization where they work. If you have tried on your own to locate one of our authors and still need help, please write to [email protected]. We will pass along your contact information to the author. We are also happy to forward letters to authors, written c/o the UGA Press.

    • I am an instructor and think one of your books might be suitable for one of my classes. How do I request an exam copy of a book?

First, thanks for considering our book for your course! Go here for help with ordering exam copies.

    • I am a journalist, critic, or other member of the book media. How do I request a review copy of a book?

Our publicity manager can help you! Next step: go here.

    • How do I request permission to reuse content from a UGA Press book?

Let our intellectual property manager help you with this! Go here, then look for the “Permission to Photocopy” section.

Publishing with the Press

    • I’m a prospective author. How do I submit a proposal for a book?

Just about anything you’ll need to know, as a prospective UGA Press author, can be found here.

    • How do you go about publishing a book? What is your press’s workflow?

If your project is accepted for publication, you’ll get lots of step-by-step guidance along the path from manuscript to finished book—and beyond. For now, take a look at this handy infographic, which shows the major steps in our publishing process.

    • How do I submit a manuscript for one of your literary competitions?

You can find links to submission guidelines on these pages:

Association of Writers and Writing Programs Award for Creative Nonfiction
Cave Canem Poetry Prize
Crux: The Georgia Series in Literary Nonfiction
Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction
Georgia Poetry Prize
National Poetry Series