Masters of Modern Landscape Design
Series Editor

Robin Karson
Founder and Executive Director
Library of American Landscape History


Sarah Allaback
Senior Manuscript Editor
Library of American Landscape History


Patrick Allen
Acquisitions Editor
University of Georgia Press

Masters of Modern Landscape Design

The Library of American Landscape History (LALH) is dedicated to expanding the general public’s understanding of North American landscape design history and those who have shaped it. In partnership with the University of Georgia Press, LALH has launched a series of accessibly written, highly illustrated books that illuminate the modern through the careers of pioneering landscape architects who transformed the profession.


Each book begins with a biographical essay on the early life, education, design principles, and legacy of the featured landscape architect. This context is followed by analyses of a selection of ten to fifteen projects representing significant contributions to the field. As a series, these books document the birth of the modern in the profession and the extent to which contemporary practice is indebted to the masters of modern landscape design.


Individual books will be written by authorities in the field and aimed at a wide audience, including interested general readers and students in addition to architects, landscape architects, interior designers, gardeners, historians, and preservationists.