A Novel

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Pub Date: 08/01/2012

ISBN: 9-781-6030-6161-2

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A Novel

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Josh Gibbs decided he was through with investigative reporting when controversy derailed his Pulitzer Prize ambitions in Atlanta. Now editor of a weekly paper, he gets two pieces of news from Dr. Allison Wright that change everything. The first is that his daughter has cancer. The second—that a mysterious condition is plaguing Wright’s patients—leads the widowed newspaperman and divorced physician in pursuit of an unimaginable danger. Fallout is the story of their journey—a journey through an Ohio River town’s myths, heroes, and oddities, from Indian curses to rat fishing to an alternative view of George Washington. Above all, Fallout is a story of corporate irresponsibility, of political self-interest, and of a potential catastrophe that looms in most American cities. Written by Mark Ethridge, author of the novel Grievances, now the major motion picture Deadline, starring Eric Roberts.
A gripping drama of love and perseverance expertly woven into a tale of murder and betrayal, Fallout leaves you haunted by the terror without and the terror within that can strike every family and every community. Ethridge has crafted a compelling story highlighting a ticking time bomb whose fallout threatens us all.

—Mark DeCastrique, author of Blackman’s Coffin and The 13th Target

Fallout takes off!

—Pam Kelley, The Charlotte Observer

About the Author/Editor

MARK ETHRIDGE is a third generation reporter and writer who directed The Charlotte Observer’s Pulitzer-Prize winning investigations of the textile industry and the PTL scandal involving Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Ethridge studied as a Nieman Fellow at Harvard and named one of Esquire magazine’s “People Under 40 Who Are Changing America.”