Power to the Population

The Political Consequences and Causes of Demographic Changes

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Pub Date: 05/01/2023

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Power to the Population

The Political Consequences and Causes of Demographic Changes

Changing global demographics and their direct impact on the future

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Demographic changes directly affect political and socioeconomic dynamics. Whether they are the nationalities of migrating refugees, the percentage of women in the workforce, or aging as a phenomenon (population decline, age of marriage, number of children, or the resources of youth), demographics can change the political dynamics of a country, creating in some cases increased freedoms but also potentially causing conflict or civil war.

Power to the Population is a comprehensive guide to predicting and evaluating different possible futures for humanity. These differing scenarios are of particular importance to decision makers, and Tadeusz Kugler focuses on the optimism of what can be created by and for the population.

The book investigates the dynamic relationship between political choices and changing populations. Kugler explores how government policies seemingly focused on localized power and economic development profoundly shape the demographic makeup on local and global scales. The demographic future of a population—not only regarding numbers but also in its diversity and how historically marginalized communities are undermined—is not merely about one place, time, or people. Demography has the potential to change the economic and political future of the world.

Power to the Population demonstrates the importance of demography for understanding the dynamics of policy from the global system through the individual level. Demographic transitions, such as mass migration or baby booms, are central to explanations offered throughout the pages of this book.?These turning points can play the role of either an independent or dependent variable across topics.?Thus the book, to sum up, offers a comprehensive sense of cause and effect at the nexus of demography with politics and economics. A ‘must read’ for anyone in the fields of demography, political science, economics, and international relations.?

—Patrick James, editor of Religion, Identity, and Global Governance: Ideas, Evidence, and Practice

Power of the Population is remarkable for its insight into a sprawling range of issues from immigration to women’s rights to great-power competition. In engaging style, Tad Kugler makes the case that demography is not destiny, but that we ignore it—and its interplay with political choices—at our collective peril.

—Jonathan M. DiCicco, coauthor of Presence, Prevention, and Persuasion: A Historical Analysis of Military Force and Political Influence

About the Author/Editor

TADEUSZ KUGLER is an associate professor of politics and international relations at Roger Williams University and the coauthor of Power, Space, and Time: An Empirical Introduction to International Relations. He lives in Bristol, Rhode Island.