James Jackson

Duelist and Militant Statesman, 1757-1806

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James Jackson

Duelist and Militant Statesman, 1757-1806

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Published in 1960, this biography examines the life of James Jackson, a general in the Revolutionary War and later governor, congressman, and senator to Georgia. Jackson advocated strict construction of the Constitution, states' rights, and the welfare of the common man. He was a dominant figure in the affairs of Georgia during the last decade of his life and was at the center of the Yazoo controversy, where he worked for the repeal of the land sales. Foster's portrayal shows Jackson as a strong personality with a fiery disposition who played an important role in the history of the state.

Georgia history has seldom exhibited a more vivid and fascinating figure than the subject of this biography . . . the work represents the only attempt at an exhaustive and objective treatment of this subject yet undertaken.

Journal of Southern History

This is a worthwhile book about the most significant, and hitherto neglected, political figure in post-Revolutionary Georgia.

William and Mary Quarterly

About the Author/Editor

WILLIAM O. FOSTER taught at North Georgia College, St. Petersburg Junior College, Georgia Military Academy, Presbyterian College, and Florida Southern College.