The Subordinated Sex

A History of Attitudes Toward Women

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Pub Date: 09/10/2004

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The Subordinated Sex

A History of Attitudes Toward Women

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The Subordinated Sex traces the enduring, powerful legacy of male attitudes toward women, their sexuality, and their roles as wives and mothers. Traditionally the creators and chroniclers of opinion, men have until recently written a history that reflects only their own convictions and impressions--a history rarely punctuated by a female voice and founded on an almost universal belief in women's inferiority.

Acclaimed as a pioneering study when first published in 1973, Vern Bullough's work has since established itself as a standard in historical literature on women. Updated and revised with Sarah Slavin and Brenda Shelton, The Subordinated Sex is a vast survey ranging from prehistoric to contemporary times, examining a diversity of cultures, and taking into account writings from a great variety of sources. From a consideration of Babylonian legal codes to Victorian prescriptive medical pamphlets, medieval clerical treatises to Islamic erotic poetry, Bullough and his coauthors recount not only how men have portrayed women but also how they have justified their subordination of the opposite sex.

In recent years, women have successfully challenged males' self-designated role as gatekeepers of written records and have found within the past a more complete view of how women lived, what they thought, and what they achieved. By focusing, however, not on women's history but on the history of men's attitudes toward their female companions, The Subordinated Sex reveals, more than any other single work, the conditions that sparked the feminist movement and the reasons it must inspire a change in the lives of men as well as women.

About the Author/Editor

Vern L. Bullough (Author)
VERN BULLOUGH, dean of natural and social sciences and distinguished professor of history and sociology at SUNY College, Buffalo, is also an adjunct professor of nursing and history at University Center. He is the author, coauthor, or editor of over two dozen books, and a contributor to twenty-seven others. Among his most notable books are Sexual Practice and the Medieval Church, Sexual Variance in Society and History (with James Brundage), and Women and Prostitution (with Bonnie Bullough).

Brenda Shelton (Author)
BRENDA SHELTON is an associate professor of history at SUNY College, Buffalo, and the author of Reformers in Search of History.