Georgia Land Surveying History and Law
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Georgia Land Surveying History and Law

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Pub Date: 10/01/1991

ISBN: 9-780-8203-1257-6

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Georgia Land Surveying History and Law

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  • Description

Georgia Land Surveying History and Law is the first definitive history and analysis of Georgia’s land system and the laws that govern it.

The book’s opening section tells the story of the surveyor’s role in transforming Georgia from a frontier to a bounded, populated, and productive colony and state. Paced by anecdotes of surveyors’ wilderness experiences, the narrative traces the evolution of Georgia’s land subdivision system, beginning with the original, and ultimately impractical, scheme of land granting and rectangular land subdivision under the Trustees of the Georgia Colony. The volume then covers the more flexible but easily abused headright procedure, and the subsequent lottery and succession of systematic, rectangular surveys under which most of the state was laid out and granted in the early nineteenth century.

Finally, in lay terms supported by meticulous citation of authority, the volume discusses the legal aspects of land surveying, including the interests that make up land ownership, the transfer of real property, the interpretation of property descriptions, the location of boundaries, riparian and littoral rights, and other topics. The book examines every point concerning boundaries found in any Georgia case or statute.

Based solidly on primary sources and the author’s fifteen years of experience in land surveying and title abstracting, Georgia Land Surveying History and Law is an exhaustively researched and scholarly reference that will be useful to surveyors, title attorneys, title abstractors, real estate professionals, geographers, cartographers, historians, and genealogists.

About the Author/Editor

FARRIS W. CADLE is a registered land surveyor in Georgia and an adjunct professor of surveying law at Middle Georgia State College. He has many years of surveying and title abstracting experience, and has done extensive research in the areas of land surveying, land titles, and legal history.