Series Editor

Mat Coleman
[email protected]

Ishan Ashutosh
[email protected]


To inquire about publishing
in the series, please contact:

Mick Gusinde-Duffy
Executive Editor
University of Georgia Press
[email protected]



Deb Cowen
University of Toronto

Zeynep Gambetti
Boğaziçi University

Nik Heynen
Founding Editor
University of Georgia

Geoff Mann
Simon Fraser University

James McCarthy
Clark University

Beverley Mullings
Queen’s University

Harvey Neo
National University of Singapore

Geraldine Pratt
University of British Columbia

Ananya Roy
University of California, Los Angeles

Michael Watts
University of California, Berkeley

Ruth Wilson Gilmore
CUNY Graduate Center

Jamie Winders
Syracuse University

Melissa W. Wright
Pennsylvania State University

Brenda S. A. Yeoh
National University of Singapore

Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation

This series is devoted to books that engage the importance of space for questions of social and political change. This focus necessarily covers a broad range of subject matter, including international political economy, urban studies, gender, race, sexuality, and poverty and inequality. While the series is interdisciplinary, its primary emphasis is on critical human geography.


Books published in the series are designed to inform both intellectuals of broad stripes and those engaged in political processes of different kinds, from policy makers to grassroots activists. The series editors are interested in producing books that live on in academic offices and classrooms around the world but also take on life in political chambers, organizing halls, and the streets where both space and politics are produced.