Early American Places
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Nathaniel Holly
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University of Georgia Press
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Vincent Brown
Harvard University

Cornelia Hughes Dayton
University of Connecticut

Nicole Eustace
New York University

Amy S. Greenberg
Pennsylvania State University

Ramón A. Gutiérrez
University of Chicago

Peter Charles Hoffer
University of Georgia

Karen Ordahl Kupperman
New York University

Mark M. Smith
University of South Carolina

Rosemarie Zagarri
George Mason University

Early American Places

A collaborative book series—with the University of Georgia Press, New York University Press, and University of Nebraska Press—supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Early American Places focuses on the history of North America from contact to the Mexican War, locating historical developments in the specific places where they occurred and were contested. Though these developments often involved far-flung parts of the world, they were experienced in particular communities—the local places where people lived, worked, and made sense of their changing worlds. By restricting its focus to smaller geographic scales, but stressing that towns, colonies, and regions were part of much larger networks, Early American Places combines up-to-date scholarly sophistication with an emphasis on local particularities and trajectories. Books in the series are exclusively revised dissertations.


The collaborating presses’ responsibilities are divided geographically. The University of Georgia Press focuses on the southeastern colonies, the plantation economies of the Caribbean, and the Spanish borderlands. For more information about the collaboration, please visit the general series website: