Animal Voices / Animal Worlds
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Robert W. Mitchell
Series General Editor
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Beth Snead
Acquisitions Editor
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Jonathan Balcombe
Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy

Margo DeMello
Animals and Society Institute

Francine L. Dolins
University of Michigan-Dearborn

Hal Herzog
Western Carolina University

Dale Jamieson
New York University

Claire Molloy
Edge Hill University
and Centre for Human Animal Studies

Paul Waldau
Canisius College

Sara Waller
Montana State University

Animal Voices / Animal Worlds

The discipline of animal studies has, ironically, produced works focused more on human issues in relation to nonhuman animals than on animals and their concerns. The University of Georgia Press seeks to redress this imbalance by promoting a focus on animals’ points of view in the new Animal Voices/Animal Worlds series. The aim of the new series is gaining an appreciation of how animals perceive, understand, and experience their world, and the series focus is on works about the animal’s point of view. The psychology of animals (including their emotions, perspectives, consciousness, umwelt, theory of mind), the history of ideas about animals’ minds and psychology, philosophical and scientific studies about animal welfare, the morality of animals, and our ethics toward animals, reflections on artistic and literary works about or taking animals’ points of view, the influence of habitat on animals’ perspectives (and vice versa), and human cultural and subcultural perspectives about animals’ points of view are all potential topics.