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Georgia Review Books
Imprint Editor

Gerald Maa
Editor, The Georgia Review
University of Georgia
[email protected]

Georgia Review Books

Georgia Review Books is a collaboration between the UGA Press and its university partner, The Georgia Review. Founded at the University of Georgia in 1947 and published there ever since, the Review is one of America’s most highly regarded journals of arts and letters, with each quarterly issue offering a diverse, thoughtfully orchestrated gathering of short stories, general-interest essays, poems, reviews, and visual art.

This imprint reflects the Review’s strengths, particularly in nonfiction. Books published in the imprint are a mix of original, single-author works identified and cultivated by the review editorial team, as well as occasional collections of previously published content from the Review that addresses a specific theme or topic. The Georgia Review seeks, in these books as in its issues, to offer up rich content that invites and sustains repeated attention and consideration.