Drawing by Stealth

John Trumbull and the Creek Indians

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HISTORY / Native American

Drawing by Stealth

John Trumbull and the Creek Indians

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In this provocative essay, the authors explore how John Trumbull, famed painter of the American Revolutionary War period, came to make sketches of five Creek Indian leaders in New York in 1790. By chance, Trumbull was painting George Washington’s portrait for the City of New York when a delegation of Creeks arrived to sign the Treaty of New York. Finding himself in the company of the Creeks, the artist seized the opportunity to draw them. While Drawing By Stealth tells the history of these iconic drawings of American Indians, it also provides details about the clothing and ornaments depicted and corrects a popular—but erroneous—theory that one of the images is of the leader of the Creek delegation to New York, Alexander McGillivray.

About the Author/Editor

Virginia Pounds Brown (Author)
VIRGINIA POUNDS BROWN was a librarian, bookstore owner, and publisher who began writing to fill gaps in the available history of her native state and region. She was especially interested in Native Americans of the South and has written several books on the subject. Brown held degrees from Randolph-Macon Women’s College and Emory University Library School. She was an avid golfer and has written about that subject, too.

Linda McNair Cohen (Author)
LINDA MCNAIR COHEN is a former librarian and bookseller in Birmingham. She is an honors graduate of Maryville College and earned a master’s from the University of Alabama, where she was a US Department of Education Fellow. She has published in library and history journals and lives in Tuscaloosa.