American Crisis, Southern Solutions

From Where We Stand, Promise and Peril

Afterword by Dan T. Carter

Edited by Anthony Dunbar

Foreword by Ray Marshall

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Pub Date: 10/01/2017

ISBN: 9-781-6030-6165-0

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American Crisis, Southern Solutions

From Where We Stand, Promise and Peril

Afterword by Dan T. Carter

Edited by Anthony Dunbar

Foreword by Ray Marshall

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Editor Anthony Dunbar and more than a dozen Southern writers, historians, business and labor-watchers, and philosophers reexamine some of the issues raised in the 2004 collection of essays, Where We Stand, Voices of Southern Dissent, which warned of the dangers of reelecting George W. Bush and of white Southerners unquestioningly casting their political lot with fundamentalism and conservatism. In this new collection, those essayists and new ones offer thoughtful, provocative suggestions for a fresh path America should follow in governance, international affairs, the environment, workplace security, freedom of the press, and immigration reform. They present Southern Solutions, based upon Southern experience, to a nation that has drifted far off course. Economist and former U.S. Secretary of Labor Ray Marshall anchors the book, and editor Dunbar writes the introduction. Jason Berry, Charles Bussey, Dan Carter, Danny Duncan Collum, Doug Davis, Leslie W. Dunbar, Glenn A. Feldman, Dan Pollitt, Susan Ford-Wiltshire, and Frye Gailiard are among the contributors.
Following his 2004 title, Where We Stand: Voices of Southern Dissent, author and New Orleans resident Dunbar (Tubby Meets Katrina) presents a new collection of essays from southern thinkers, each offering a stance on U.S. policy ranging from education to warfare ... Smart but sensationalized, Dunbar’s collection will rouse the progressively-inclined, and should give any open-minded reader worthwhile points to consider.

—Publishers Weekly

American Crisis, Southern Solutions is the political season’s smart-to-read book, bringing a new and different ‘Southern’ perspective. Much has been written about the success Southern conservatives and ‘evangelicals’ have had hijacking America’s political agenda. This book counters that message of ignoring the poor, excluding minorities, and sending our troops around the globe, and shows that in the Southern experience of fighting injustice and inequality there are vital lessons and solutions for our entire nation today.

—Vernon Jordan

Too often the South has been an obstacle in the progress of our country. That was to the nation’s detriment as well as the South’s. Now, as this insightful volume points out, it may be that out of the hard-earned lessons of its difficult past the South will be the region best equipped to provide the know-how and inspiration to help our country find its way.

—William Winter

American Crisis, Southern Solutions brims with insights about our national predicament and ways that Southern experience can provide models for change. The burdens of Southern history are familiar enough, but this probing book looks at the twenty-first-century South as a source of many of our national ills but also a reservoir of tangible examples of social justice efforts.

—Charles Reagan Wilson, Center for the Study of Southern Culture, University of Mississippi

The South and the nation, bound as never before, can either continue to compound each other's most destructive mistakes or break free from them. In American Crisis, Southern Solutions, richly varied Southern voices delineate the roots of today's reactionary betrayal of the American dream and insistently demand that, learning from past defeats, we vigorously reenter the lists.

—Hodding Carter III

Charles J. Bussey

Daniel H. Pollitt

Danny Duncan Collum

Doug Davis

Ellen G. Spears

Frye Gaillard

Gene R. Nichol

Glenn Feldman

J. Drew Lanham

Janisse Ray

Jason Berry

Laughlin McDonald

Leslie W. Dunbar

Susan Ford Wiltshire

Wade Rathke

About the Author/Editor

New Orleans-based attorney and writer ANTHONY P. DUNBAR is the Lillian Smith Book Award-winning author of books about Mississippi, Appalachia, migrant workers, and the Southern labor movement as well as the acclaimed Tubby Dubonnet mystery series.