A Novel

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Pub Date: 08/01/2007

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A Novel

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Two brothers from Virginia migrate to new lands in the Mississippi Territory (present-day Alabama) in the early 1800s. There they take brides, one an Indian woman and the other the daughter of another settler, and try to build lives on the border of the Creek Nation. At first, life is peaceful and happy as the two couples farm, build and trade with the Creeks living nearby. But as more Europeans arrive, economic forces, political ambition, and personal aggression result in increasing conflict and then bloodshed, culminating in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814. Tallapoosa is an exciting historical novel about the Creek Wars and the ramifications of U.S. aggression into Native American lands.
A vivid, imaginative, and tumultuous story about the difficult and oftentimes dangerous life on the Alabama frontier on the eve of the Creek War. Tallapoosa movingly describes the divided reactions among the Creek Indians—from the peaceful Lower Tribes to the fiery Red Sticks inspired by the great chief Tecumseh—toward the steady encroachment of white settlers.

—Allen T. Cronenberg, historian, author of Forth to the Mighty Conflict

Full of action—my attention was held throughout—a good read!

—Helen Blackshear, author of The Creek Captives

Tallapoosa is the historical account of a government’s drive to wipe out a civilization in the name of greed and glory, set against the story of a family’s attempt to make a life for themselves in harmony with the Alabama wilderness. The tale is disturbing and uplifting, a real eye-opener.

—Susan Murphy, author of Mad Dog Mom

What a fine book ... I thought many times what outstanding research the author had done. It's fascinating and beautifully written.

—Nina Dulin-Mallory, professor of English, LaGrange College

About the Author/Editor

LARRY WILLIAMSON grew up in Tallassee, Alabama and lives there as well as in LaFayette, Alabama, where he teaches. An engineering graduate of Auburn University, he has taught high school math and coached football and track for more than thirty years. Williamson spent his youth playing, exploring, and working on the banks of the Tallapoosa River, which splits his hometown of Tallassee. He developed a lifelong fascination and love of the river and its rich heritage.