It Should Not Happen in America

From Selma to Wall Street—'A Journey of Fire and Faith'

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Pages: 192

Illustrations: 25 b&w photos

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Pub Date: 06/29/2021

ISBN: 9-781-5883-8439-3

List Price: $27.95


NewSouth Books

It Should Not Happen in America

From Selma to Wall Street—'A Journey of Fire and Faith'

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  • Description
This is the life story of a man who grew up in a small Southern town in a Christian family with all odds against him. He had visions and dreams of great businesses. He followed those dreams and rose to become the chairman of several multi-billion dollar companies, all three in New York, two of which were Fortune 500 companies, and one of which was in the S&P 500. Everything he built and gained in his twenty-five years of building businesses was taken away from him and his family through vicious attacks from dishonest prosecutors, judges, and plaintiff attorneys. It should not have happened in America.

About the Author/Editor

RICHARD SCRUSHY was born in 1952 in Selma, Alabama to working-class parents, himself going to work at a local hamburger-and-milkshake stand and as a hotel bellboy at the young age of twelve. After years of hard work as a young man, Scrushy built healthcare giant HealthSouth in Birmingham. This is but one example of his business prowess, as he has founded three billion-dollar companies. In 2004, twenty years after founding HealthSouth, Scrushy was tried for and acquitted of thirty-six counts of fraud. The former HealthSouth CEO was also indicted (and ultimately convicted) for bribery alongside then-governor Don Siegelman. Now released and rebuilding his life, Scrushy sets the record straight in It Should Not Happen in America.