Three Deuces Down

A Donald Youngblood Mystery

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Pages: 288

Trim size: 6.000in x 9.000in



Pub Date: 09/01/2014

ISBN: 9-781-5883-8310-5

List Price: $21.95


NewSouth Books

Three Deuces Down

A Donald Youngblood Mystery

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Donald Youngblood is a rich, bored ex-Wall Street whiz kid that returns to his East Tennessee hometown and on a whim gets a Private Investigator's license. Billy Two Feathers is a full-blooded Cherokee Indian, ex-convict and Don's best friend. Together they open Cherokee Investigations and for a few years just hang out.

Then Don is summoned by the rich and powerful Joseph Fleet to find his missing daughter and son-in-law. All is not as it seems as Don and Billy go through the motions of investigating the disappearance, and soon a mysterious and sinister plot unfolds. Making matters even more complicated for Don is an unhappy girl friend, a beautiful blond police officer, a New York mob boss, Joseph Fleet's bodyguard and one very mean southern white trash scum hell bent on killing Don's new love.

From the backwoods of East Tennessee to the coast of Florida to the streets of New York and half way around the world, Donald Youngblood, with the help of some well connected friends and a nose for trouble, chases an elusive and deadly foe to extract the ultimate revenge and realizes the chase has changed his life forever.

A fast-paced novel that will hold readers' interest. Heartily recommended.

—Tennessee Libraries Journal

About the Author/Editor

KEITH DONNELLY grew up in Johnson City, Tennessee and attended East Tennessee State University. Three Deuces Down is the first book in the Donald Youngblood Mystery Series. Donnelly is currently working on book six in the series. Donnelly and his wife, Tessa, divide their time between Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Singer Island, Florida; and Salt Lake City, Utah.