Sailing to Alluvium

A Novel

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Pages: 400

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Pub Date: 10/01/2013

ISBN: 9-781-5883-8269-6

List Price: $27.95

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Sailing to Alluvium

A Novel

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In their third adventure, Junior Ray and his sidekick Voyd Mudd have become "diktectives" to stop the murderous activities of a semi-secret, lethal organization of Southern women, the Aunty Belles, headed by Miss Attica Rummage. Author John Pritchard's third book, following 2005’s Junior Ray and 2008’s The Yazoo Blues, is another brilliant, bumbling burlesque with an unforgettable cast of characters deeply rooted in the Mississippi Delta, a place both real and imaginary. The novel revolves around obsessions, underneath which lies the dark history of a class conflict that existed in the Deep South, not among black and white but between the white "haves" and the white "have-nots."
A delightfully obscene and irreverent burlesque tale, properly seasoned with stories of the grotesque and tragicomedy akin to O'Connor and Faulkner. Pritchard crafts an expose on Southern identity and the peculiar regional personality [of the Mississippi Delta].

—Southern Literary Review

A high-water mark in the writing career of John Pritchard.

—Memphis Magazine

Pritchard’s distinctive vernacular writing style is on full display in Sailing to Alluvium, and Junior Ray and Voyd haven’t reined in their gleeful vulgarity.

—Trisha Ping, BookPage

Sailing to Alluvium firmly cements Junior Ray as the most profane narrator in American fiction, probably in any art form yet conceived ... Only a profane jester in the form of a 'pekkawood' deputy can become a reliable guide to the Delta’s deeply entrenched class system and its genteel, carefully hidden insanity. Sailing to Alluvium is, in the end, a biting study of class differences, every bit as profane as the plays of Aristophanes and every gotdamn bit as funny.

—Michael Ray Taylor, Chapter 16

Gotdam! Junior Ray is back, bigger and bawdier than ever in what is not only a first-rate 'diktecktive' story but a veritable feast for the body and soul. In addition to elegant musings, both poetic and philosophical, this amazing book also offers numerous recipes for dishes such as 'Junior Ray's Famous KKKobbler,' that are certain to set Delta gourmets to salivating from Midnight to Moon Lake.

—James C. Cobb, Spalding Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Georgia, author of The South and America Since World War II

Honed from the rough roads of dialect, the language within defines Pritchard as one of our great Southern writers. The man has an ear for the voice of his people, and he's twisted their words into a tough, raunchy, comic roller-coasting romp, corkscrewing us down the byways of a Delta that more than likely not traveled by the average tourist, but should be.

—Frank Bill, author, Crimes in Southern Indiana

Pritchard has brought the Delta to life in the character of Junior Ray with a masterful, fluid, and experienced hand. William Faulkner would be proud.

—ForeWord Reviews

A work of literature and a body of work that seems destined to add the author to the pantheon of greats in Southern literature.

—Tunica Times

About the Author/Editor

JOHN PRITCHARD grew up in the Mississippi Delta, a place of dark and elemental myth that inspired him to write. He currently lives in Memphis, where he has taught college-level English—often in knickers—for most of the last thirty-two years. Barnes and Noble named his debut novel Junior Ray one of their Top Ten Sensational Debut Novels for 2005.