The Shining Shining Path

A Novel

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Pages: 390

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Pub Date: 12/31/2002

ISBN: 9-781-5883-8071-5

List Price: $17.00


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The Shining Shining Path

A Novel

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The Shining Shining Path is a triumphant blend of magical realism and spiritual adventure which examines the power of love, forgiveness, and redemption in everyday lives. Its collision of Easter mysticism and Deep South culture ranges effortlessly from humor to profound emotion.
Turner, one of America's top rock concert promoters, is haunted by tragedies from his past. When he is chosen as the Hope in an epic struggle between good and evil, he sets out toward his—and humankind's—destiny, with a troupe of touring Buddhists and a black mathematician who can manipulate reality through quantum physics. It's weird, magically written, and totally wonderful. The Shining Shining Path has been favorably reviewed in Publishers Weekly, NAPRA Review, Tricycle, and others.

—Indigo Review

A captivating spiritual odyssey ... the ultimate road trip. Short weaves it all together with a magical blend of richness, depth, and passion that will stretch your imagination to its limits.


Short has read his Marquez and Borges and assimilated it so thoroughly that the reader just stays delighted. There is no need for suspension of disbelief; there is no disbelief. There are sections of this novel in which the operations of magical realism are handled in One Hundred Years of Solitude ... The Shining Shining Path deserves to be reviewed widely and become a national best-seller, and when it is made into a film, I will pay to go see it.

—Don Noble

The author’s style ranges from a natural effusiveness to linguistic subtlety, making the very process of reading a pleasure, down to the level of single cleverly chosen words. I laughed, cried, and marveled throughout at Short’s exuberant imagination. If ever a book was meant for film, surely this is it ... The Shining Shining Path raises possibilities of there being far more to life than we ordinarily know—and all of it existing within our own minds. At the same time, it opens our hearts to what we cannot deny, our need for one another, our profound connectedness, our yearning for the truest love.

—Sara Jenkins, author of This Side of Nirvana: Memoirs of a Spiritually Challenged Buddhist and reviewer for Smoky Mountain News

As entertainment, The Shining Shining Path is a treat. Its characters are flesh and blood, its pacing swift, its plot-line a lasso roping in the reader at once. Always seductive, sometimes profoundly moving, it celebrates the redemptive power of sacrifice and love ... Above all, this is a novel of genuine respect and love for Tibet and its heritage.

—Joan Oliver

Part comedy, part spiritual adventure, part love story, and part suspense novel, The Shining Shining Path is much easier to enjoy than it is to categorize. The result is a memorable and entertaining read, with food for thought that lingers.


More than just an adventure story ... there's a message here about the nature of evil and the sometimes seemingly good people who further its cause, about the necessity of facing one's ghosts, and about the redemption of love ... And, yes, there's the beautiful writing that has given Southern writers their reputation and the simple, clearly seen truths that elevate writing beyond mere story-telling.

—The Birmingham News

About the Author/Editor

CARROLL DALE SHORT is both a novelist and journalist, whose fiction and non-fiction have appeared in the New York Times, Newsweek, USA Today, American Lawyer, the Birmingham News, Roanoke Review, and other periodicals. His previous books include I Left My Heart in Shanghi, Alabama; A Migration of Clowns: Poems and Essays; and The Shining Shining Path.