Urban Climate Justice
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Urban Climate Justice

Theory, Praxis, Resistance

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Pub Date: 05/01/2023

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Urban Climate Justice

Theory, Praxis, Resistance

Essays that explore the links between climate justice and urban justice

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Arguing that climate injustice is one of our most pressing urban problems, this volume explores the possibilities and challenges for more just urban futures under climate change. Whether the situation be displacement within cities through carbon gentrification or the increasing securitization of elite spaces for climate protection, climate justice and urban justice are intimately connected.

Contributors to the volume build theoretical tools for interrogating the root causes of climate change, as well as policy failures. They also highlight knowledge produced within communities already seeking transformative change and demonstrate meaningful learning from activist groups working to address the socionatural injustices caused by the impact of climate change.

The editors’ introduction situates our current climate emergency within historical processes of colonization, racial capitalism, and heteropatriarchy, while the editors’ conclusion offers pathways forward through abolition, care, and reparations. Where other books focus on the project of critique, this collection advances real-world politics to help academics, practitioners, and social justice groups imagine, create, and enact more just urban futures under climate change.

Cities are both sites of climate injustice and also potential spaces for revolutionary changes and equitable coexistence. Urban Climate Justice is a critically important book that invites, encourages, and showcases transformative pathways for more-just urban futures. In its careful curation of transnational case studies of climate urbanism, interdisciplinary theorizations, and praxis of grounded collaborations, the book demonstrates how climate justice and urban justice are intertwined and hold possibilities for secure, equal, and resilient futures on a changing planet.

—Farhana Sultana, coeditor of The Right to Water: Politics, Governance, and Social Struggles

Urban Climate Justice is a groundbreaking volume that centers the racial, capitalist, and settler colonial roots of climate injustice, while also forging pathways through abolitionist and actionable futures. A must for those invested in urban and environmental justice, this book tells us that, ultimately, transformative politics lie in a radical politics of redistribution, repair, and care.

—Malini Ranganathan, coauthor of Corruption Plots: Stories, Ethics, and Publics of the Late Capitalist City

Urban Climate Justice offers a cutting-edge account of the intersections among urban justice and climate justice through a series of highly detailed, nuanced, and captivating case studies. The collection encompasses various new intellectual avenues that, as a whole, uncover how the contemporary climate challenge is embedded in a much wider set of political, economic and social infrastructures.

—Stefan Bouzarovski, author of Energy Poverty: (Dis)Assembling Europe's Infrastructural Divide

Dietrich Thomas Bouma

Vanesa Castan Broto

Savannah Cox

Joan Fitzgerald

Sheila Foster

Kian Goh

Ping Huang

Sarah E. Knuth

Ankit Kumar

Robin Leichenko

Diego Martinez-Lugo

Khai Hoan Nguyen

Jenny Pickerill

Vanessa Lacy Raditz

Enora Robin

Gloria Schmitz

Linda Shi

Jonathan Silver

Jennie Stephens

Linda K. Westman

About the Author/Editor

Jennifer L. Rice (Editor)
JENNIFER L. RICE is associate professor of geography and affiliate faculty at the Institute for Women’s Studies at the University of Georgia.

Joshua Long (Editor)
JOSHUA LONG is professor of environmental studies at Southwestern University.

Anthony Levenda (Editor)
ANTHONY LEVENDA is the director of the Center for Climate Action and Sustainability and a member of the faculty at the Evergreen State College.