Look Abroad, Angel

Thomas Wolfe and the Geographies of Longing

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Pub Date: 02/01/2020

ISBN: 9-780-8203-5646-4

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Look Abroad, Angel

Thomas Wolfe and the Geographies of Longing

Exploring the global reach and influence of a major American writer

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Born in Asheville, North Carolina, Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938) was one of the most influential southern writers, widely considered to rival his contemporary, William Faulkner-who believed Wolfe to be one of the greatest talents of their generation. His novels- including Look Homeward, Angel (1929); Of Time and the River (1935); and the posthumously published The Web and the Rock (1939) and You Can't Go Home Again (1940)-remain touchstones of U.S. literature.

In Look Abroad, Angel, Jedidiah Evans uncovers the "global Wolfe," reconfiguring Wolfe's supposedly intractable homesickness for the American South as a form of longing that is instead indeterminate and expansive. Instead of promoting and reinforcing a narrow and cloistered formulation of the writer as merely southern or Appalachian, Evans places Wolfe in transnational contexts, examining Wolfe's impact and influence throughout Europe. In doing so, he de-territorializes the response to Wolfe's work, revealing the writer as a fundamentally global presence within American literature.

About the Author/Editor

JEDIDIAH EVANS is an associate lecturer in writing studies at the University of Sydney.