Television History, the Peabody Archive, and Cultural Memory
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Television History, the Peabody Archive, and Cultural Memory

Edited by Dr. Ethan Thompson, Jeffrey P. Jones and Lucas Hatlen

Introduction by Lynn Spigel

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Pub Date: 12/01/2019

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Television History, the Peabody Archive, and Cultural Memory

Edited by Dr. Ethan Thompson, Jeffrey P. Jones and Lucas Hatlen

Introduction by Lynn Spigel

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Television History, the Peabody Archive, and Cultural Memory is the first edited volume devoted to the Peabody Awards Collection, a unique repository of radio and TV programs submitted yearly since 1941 for consideration for the prestigious Peabody Awards. The essays in this volume explore the influence of the Peabody Awards Collection as an archive of the vital medium of TV, turning their attention to the wealth of programs considered for Peabody Awards that were not honored and thus have largely been forgotten and yet have the potential to reshape our understanding of American television history.

Because the collection contains programming produced by stations across the nation, it is a distinctive repository of cultural memory; many of the programs found in it are not represented in the canon that dominates our understanding of American broadcast history. The contributions to this volume ask a range of important questions. What do we find if we look to the archive for what’s been forgotten? How does our understanding of gender, class, or racial representations shift? What different strategies did producers use to connect with audiences and construct communities that may be lost?

This volume’s contributors examine intersections of citizenship and subjectivity in public-service programs, compare local and national coverage of particular individuals and social issues, and draw our attention to types of programming that have disappeared. Together they show how locally produced programs—from both commercial and public stations—have acted on behalf of their communities, challenging representations of culture, politics, and people.

Together, the collection of individual chapters looks beyond what is found in the Archive to consider how the materials and resources might change our collective understanding of television’s past. . . Television History, The Peabody Archive, and Cultural Memory demonstrates what is possible in terms of research knowledge when access is not limited by time, and will be of interest to students of media history. . . .

—Kevin Geddes, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television


Excellence for Research Using the Holdings of Archives, Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council

Christine Becker

Susan J. Douglas

Herman Gray

Jonathan Gray

Heather Hendershot

Eric Hoyt

Deborah Jaramillo

Derek Kompare

Susan Murray

Allison Perlman

Lynn Spigel

About the Author/Editor

Ethan Thompson (Editor)
ETHAN THOMPSON is a professor of communication and media at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi. He is coeditor of the book How to Watch Television, author of Parody and Taste in Postwar American Television Culture, and producer and director of the historical documentary, TV Family.

Jeffrey P. Jones (Editor)
JEFFREY P. JONES is director of the George Foster Peabody Awards and the Lambdin Kay Chair and Professor of Entertainment and Media Studies at the University of Georgia. He is the author and editor of five books, including Entertaining Politics: Satiric Television and Political Engagement, Satire TV: Politics and Comedy in the Post-Network Era, and News Parody and Political Satire across the Globe.

Lucas Hatlen (Editor)
LUCAS HATLEN is a doctoral candidate at the University of Georgia. His research interests focus on the interplay of political entertainment and U.S. history.