The Evening News


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Pub Date: 03/01/2013

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The Evening News


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Tony Ardizzone writes of the moments in our lives that shine, that burn in the dim expanse of memory with the intensity and vivid light of the evening news. The men and women in these stories tend to arrange their days, order their pasts, plan their futures in the light of such moments, finding epiphanies in the glowing memory of a father's laugh or a mother's repeated story, in a broken date or a rained-out ball game.

Set mostly in Chicago's blue-collar neighborhoods, these stories focus on subjects that concern us all: disease and death, vandalism and sacrilege, rape and infidelity, lost love. The husband and wife in the title story look at their pasts-his as an activist in the sixties and hers as a believer in reincarnation and the tarot-in light of the news stories they watch on television each evening and question whether they should bring a child into the world. And in "The Walk-On," a bartender and former varsity pitcher for the University of Illinois Fighting Illini finds the actual events of the most cataclysmic day in his past unequal to their impact on his life and so rewrites them in his mind, adding an ill-placed banana peel, a falling meteor, and a careening truck in order to create a more fitting climax and finally to leave those memories behind him.

Searching their pasts for clues to the present, searching the horizons of their days for love, the characters in The Evening News seek, and sometimes find, redemption in a world of uncertainty and brightly burning emotions.

Rich. . . . Ardizzone mines fresh fictional veins and displays a stunning stylistic range.

Washington Times

Ardizzone writes a strong, spare prose that quickly sketches characters and situations, yet his work is invested with a deep humanism that compels the reader to see his characters as people-people you care about.

Seattle Times

All the stories are intensely told and skillfully written. Ardizzone has a special capacity for appreciating the values of home and family, of ethnic pride and humor, and of street smarts.

Chicago Magazine

Tough, menacing stories in which fate and memory exercise their Hardylike sway, all narrated in a variety of inventive and accomplished voices.

San Francisco Examiner

About the Author/Editor

TONY ARDIZZONE is the author of seven books of fiction, most recently The Arab's Ox: Stories of Morocco. His novels include The Whale Chaser, In the Garden of Papa Santuzzu, Heart of the Order, and In the Name of the Father. His work has received the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction, the Milkweed Editions National Fiction Prize, the Chicago Foundation for Literature Award for Fiction, the Virginia Prize for Fiction, the Pushcart Prize, and two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships, among other honors. Born and raised in Chicago, he currently lives in Portland, Oregon.