The Civil War in Georgia
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The Civil War in Georgia

A New Georgia Encyclopedia Companion

Edited by John C. Inscoe

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Published in association with University System of Georgia/GALILEO

The Civil War in Georgia

A New Georgia Encyclopedia Companion

Edited by John C. Inscoe

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Georgians, like all Americans, experienced the Civil War in a variety of ways. Through selected articles drawn from the New Georgia Encyclopedia (, this collection chronicles the diversity of Georgia’s Civil War experience and reflects the most current scholarship in terms of how the Civil War has come to be studied, documented, and analyzed.

The Atlanta campaign and Sherman’s March to the Sea changed the course of the war in 1864, in terms both of the upheaval and destruction inflicted on the state and the life span of the Confederacy. While the dramatic events of 1864 are fully documented, this companion gives equal coverage to the many other aspects of the war—naval encounters and guerrilla war­fare, prisons and hospitals, factories and plantations, politics and policies— all of which provided critical support to the Confederacy’s war effort. The book also explores home-front conditions in depth, with an emphasis on emancipation, dissent, Unionism, and the experience and activity of African Americans and women.

Historians today are far more conscious of how memory—as public commemoration, individual reminiscence, historic preservation, and literary and cinematic depictions—has shaped the war’s multiple meanings. Nowhere is this legacy more varied or more pronounced than in Georgia, and a substantial part of this companion explores the many ways in which Georgians have interpreted the war experience for themselves and others over the past 150 years. At the outset of the sesquicentennial these new historical perspectives allow us to appreciate the Civil War as a complex and multifaceted experience for Georgians and for all southerners.

A Project of the New Georgia Encyclopedia; Published in Association with the Georgia Humanities Council and the University System of Georgia/GALILEO.

The Civil War in Georgia uses selected articles drawn from the New Georgia Encyclopedia to cover the Georgia Civil War experience and provide the latest scholarship discussing how the Civil War affected individual states. . . .A fine guide, this is a pick for any Civil War or Southern history holding.

—Midwest Book Review

That the text is so seamless is a tribute to the strong hand of project editor John C. Inscoe, Professor of History at the University of Georgia and onetime editor of the Georgia Historical Quarterly. . . . Those looking for a sophisticated, concise overview of Georgia’s role in the American Civil War. . .would do well to begin here.

—The Civil War Monitor

An excellent book for anyone interested in the home front during the war.

NYMAS Reviews

John C. Inscoe has skillfully edited and arranged seventy-three topics into three sections: ‘Prelude to War,’ ‘The War Years,’ and ‘The War’s Legacy.’ The result is a valuable resource that provides concise information on major social, political, and military events from the antebellum era through Reconstruction in the ‘Empire State of the South.’

—Brett J. Derbes, Journal of Southern History


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About the Author/Editor

JOHN C. INSCOE is a professor of history emeritus at the University of Georgia and the founding editor of the New Georgia Encyclopedia. He is coauthor of The Heart of Confederate Appalachia.