Shakespeare's Tragic Perspective

The Development of His Dramatic Technique

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Pub Date: 04/01/2012

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Shakespeare's Tragic Perspective

The Development of His Dramatic Technique

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Shakespeare's Tragic Perspective directs attention to the various structural devices by which Shakespeare creates and sustains anticipation in his audience while simultaneously provoking them to participate in the tragic protagonist's anguish. Covering the tragedies in chronological order from Titus Andronicus through Antony and Cleopatra, Larry S. Champion examines such devices as tragic pointers, character parallels, foils, subplots, diversionary episodes, cosmic ramifications, analytic asides, and soliloquies. The assumption underlying this book is that Shakespeare had something to communicated—a vision, a complex view of the world—and that his dramatic technique developed as his vision grew.
Students of Shakespeare will find Champion's study highly suggestive. Shakespeare's manipulation of the judgment of his audience may or may not be the most important element in these plays, but it is important enough to warrent careful attention; and no one else, to my knowledge, has produced anything like the systematic account of the matter that Champion has given us here.

—J. A. Bryant Jr.

Comprehensive in scope and moderate in interpretations, the volume is an often illuminationg study of one aspect of Shakespeare's growth as an artist. As such, the study is particularly useful for the advanced undergraduate or graduate student.

—Shakespeare Studies

About the Author/Editor

LARRY S. CHAMPION is a professor emeritus and former head of the English Department at North Carolina State University. He is the author or editor of numerous books including Quick Springs of Sense and Perspective in Shakespeare's English Histories (both Georgia).