Land of the Moon-Children

The Primitive San Blas Culture in Flux

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Pub Date: 04/01/2010

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Land of the Moon-Children

The Primitive San Blas Culture in Flux

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Clyde E. Keeler spent five summers studying the Cuna Indians on the San Blas islands off the coast of Panama as part of his genetics research—specifically research into certain genetic traits of albino populations. Published in 1956, this book is Keeler’s account of his personal experiences with the Cuna people. Keeler describes a people who still adhered to many of their traditional tribal customs while also embracing modern ways of life. He witnessed ceremonial chants, procedures for harnessing evil spirits, and elaborate celebrations of puberty and fertility. Keeler examines the history of Caribe-Cuna ranging from details about their religious beliefs and customs, firsthand accounts of Cuna stories and chants, and developments caused by Christian missions and modern education.

Any account of these interesting people is a welcome addition to existing data. The pictures are excellent, the narrative smoothly written, and the presentation straightforward.

Hispanic American Historical Review

About the Author/Editor

CLYDE E. KEELER (1900–1994) had a long and distinguished career in biology and genetics at various universities, including Harvard University and Georgia State College. He wrote six other books about the Cuna Indians and went on twenty-two trips to Panama in order to study their albinism, alphabet, and artwork.