Life and Public Services of An Army Straggler, 1865

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Pub Date: 03/01/2010

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Life and Public Services of An Army Straggler, 1865

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Published in 1865, shortly after the end of the Civil War, Life and Public Services of an Army Straggler is a fictional account of the misadventures of Will Fishback, Confederate deserter from Georgia, as he wanders the southern countryside he had sworn to protect. In its comic portrayal of the rascally Fishback, An Army Straggler pays homage to the forms and dialects of the picaresque frontier folktale.

A piece of high-spirited, tell-tale fiction in which the author is thoroughly enjoying himself. . . . Confederate Warren may have lost the war, but he did not lose his sense of humor.

South Atlantic Bulletin

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FLOYD WATKINS, author and editor of a several books and articles, is a professor emeritus of English at Emory University.