Pierce M. B. Young

The Warwick of the South

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Pierce M. B. Young

The Warwick of the South

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Pierce M. B. Young: The Warwick of the South, published in 1964, is an account of a major figure in Reconstruction-era Georgia. The youngest major general in the Confederate Army, he was the first Georgian to be allowed to take a seat in Congress after the Civil War. As a Congressman, Young's main concern was rebuilding life in the South along national rather than sectional lines. Young was a member of the diplomatic corps under Grover Cleveland, where he arranged the Central American exhibit at the Cotton States and International Exposition in Atlanta in 1895. His friendships with such diverse personalities as Robert E. Lee, George Custer, Jefferson Davis, and Henry W. Grady are notable.

In preparing this biography Professor Holland has made full use of the extensive collection of Young family papers and numerous quotations from them enhance its value.

Journal of Southern History

About the Author/Editor

LYNWOOD M. HOLLAND taught at Middle Georgia College, the University of Illinois, and the University of Arizona, and served as Chairman of the Department of Political Science at Emory University. Holland's interest in Pierce M. B. Young was sparked by his research into grass roots politics in Georgia which led to his research of the Milner-Cummings personal collection of Young memorabilia at the family home, Walnut Plantation, in northwest Georgia.