Faulkner's Place

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Pub Date: 02/01/2009

ISBN: 9-780-8203-3371-7

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Faulkner's Place

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This volume brings together for the first time eight masterful essays on William Faulkner by one of his most eloquent and influential critics. Michael Millgate established himself as a leading authority on Faulkner with the publication of The Achievement of William Faulkner more than thirty years ago. Since then, in pieces such as "Faulkner and History" and "Faulkner's Masters," he has continued to reflect upon the legendary southern writer, his unique sense of physical place, and his place in literary history.

Written with humor and insight, Faulkner's Place is lively, readable, and extremely accessible both to longtime Faulkner enthusiasts and to those who are new to his work. Taken together, the essays represent an impressive contribution to the understanding and appreciation of Faulkner's richly varied career.

These essays represent the thinking of one of the most important of Faulkner scholars.

—Hugh Ruppersburg, University of Georgia

About the Author/Editor

MICHAEL MILLGATE is a professor of English emeritus at the University of Toronto. He has published The Achievement of William Faulkner, Thomas Hardy: A Biography, and numerous other books and editions in the fields of American and English literature.