Mexico and the United States

Ambivalent Vistas

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Pub Date: 02/15/2010

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Mexico and the United States

Ambivalent Vistas

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Drug wars, NAFTA, presidential politics, and heightened attention to Mexican immigration are just some of the recent issues that are freshly interpreted in this updated survey of Mexican-U.S. relations.

The fourth edition has been completely revised and offers a lively, engaging, and up-to-date analysis of historical patterns of change and continuity as well as contemporary issues. Ranging from Mexican antiquity and the arrival of the Spanish and British to the present-day administrations of Felipe Calderón and Barack Obama, historians Dirk Raat and Michael Brescia evaluate the political, economic, and cultural trends and events that have shaped the ways that Mexicans and Americans have regarded each other over the centuries. Raat and Brescia pay special attention to the factors that have subordinated Mexico not only to "the colossus of the North" but to many other players in the global economy. They also provide a unique look at the cultural dynamics of Gran Chichimeca or Mexamerica, the borderlands where the two countries share a common history. The bibliographical essay has been revised to reflect current research and scholarship.

A lively, balanced interpretation that students will enjoy and from which they will learn a great deal about Mexico.

American Historical Review

A fine study . . . Should become the standard work on United States-Mexican relations.

Journal of American History

An intelligent, well-written overview . . . This book should attract a large reading audience.

Hispanic American Historical Review

An interesting work . . . There is a lot packed into this book.

International History Review

This welcome book on Mexico and the United States approaches their relationship eclectically. . . . Raises many interesting and significant questions about the two countries' relationship.

Library Journal

A profound work . . . of great utility for better understanding [Mexican] society and history.


About the Author/Editor

W. Dirk Raat (Author)
W. DIRK RAAT is a professor emeritus of history at the State University of New York, Fredonia, and Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University. He has written eight books on Mexico, including Revoltosos: Mexico's Rebels in the U.S., Mexico: From Independence to Revolution, and, with photographer George Janecek, Mexico's Sierra Tarahumara: A Photohistory of the People of the Edge.

Michael M. Brescia (Author)
MICHAEL M. BRESCIA is associate curator of Ethnohistory in the Arizona State Museum and associate professor of history at the University of Arizona. He is author of North America: An Introduction, and has published his research in a variety of scholarly journals.