S. S. Savannah, the Elegant Steam Ship

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Pub Date: 12/01/2008

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S. S. Savannah, the Elegant Steam Ship

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This is the story of a ship and her pioneer master, Moses Rogers, who had the idea of making the first transatlantic voyage in a steam-propelled vessel. His "laudable and meritorious experiment" marked one of the world's maritime epochs.

The conception and building of the S. S. Savannah was guided by the engineering genius of Captain Rogers who, with Robert Fulton, was a leading exponent of steam in his day. The momentous voyage began in Savannah, Georgia, in 1819, and took the courageous crew to England, Sweden, and Russia. These were the elegant steam ship's times of triumph. Yet she also had moments of pathos, from the first doubts and fears of a public that dubbed her a "steam coffin" to that sad day when a Washington newspaper said her engine could be removed for only $200, leaving her "just as good" as any other ship.

The previously untold story of the first steam-powered vessel to cross the Atlantic is written in a scholarly, well-documented fashion, yet with the color, imagination, and humor of the men who lived it.

A rousing tale of the sea and a fully documented analysis of these important historical questions.

Journal of Southern History

About the Author/Editor

FRANK O. BRAYNARD (1916-2007) published many articles on nautical subjects and is recognized as an authority on maritime history. He served the Steamship Historical Society of America as both its president and editor of its journal. He published many other books about the sea, including Lives of the Liners, Famous American Ships, and The Story of Ships.