Atlas of the Civil War, Month by Month

Major Battles and Troop Movements

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Pub Date: 01/10/2005

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Atlas of the Civil War, Month by Month

Major Battles and Troop Movements

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This is the first Civil War atlas to depict multiple aspects of the war's action, month by month, from April 1861 through May 1865. Fifty full-color maps-one for each month of the war-convey as never before a sense of the war's progression on all fronts: battles, sieges, infantry campaigns, naval operations, cavalry raids, and even shifts of national frontiers. One set of additional maps provides background into the political state of the nation as it headed into the war; another set covers the war as it was fought in the western reaches of the country. The text on facing pages supports each map with extra facts and figures, while the atlas's big 14 x 10 format allows for exceptional line clarity, color, and detail.

Features:Fifty maps show the events, including relatively small engagements, that took place in the successive months of the war.Thirteen additional maps focus on the Far West theater.Six maps, beginning with November 1860, detail the political situation in the months leading up to the war's outbreak. They show such information as free and slave states; secessionist sentiment; and the results of the 1860 census and the presidential election of the same year.Events of each month, including such details as dates, place-names, commanders, and statistics on troop strength and casualties, are summarized in the text facing each map.Confederate and Union positions, as well as towns that were occupied, raided, or burned, are clearly marked.

There is nothing like this atlas, which illustrates with great clarity the month-by-month political changes of the Civil War. It makes a notable contribution in allowing readers to look at the entire strategic landscape of the war, placing various events and movements in geographical context.

—Gary W. Gallagher, author of Lee and His Army in Confederate History

Atlas of the Civil War, Month by Month is unique among works of its type in its graphic representation of the grand sweep and movement of the war. No student of the Civil War will want to be without this valuable resource.

—Steven E. Woodworth, author of Beneath a Northern Sky: A Short History of the Gettysburg Campaign

[A] clear, engaging overview of the Civil War.

Midwest Book Review

Creating and detailing such a large number of maps and preparing the accompanying text was a huge undertaking, and author Mark Swanson . . . has done it well. The research is extensive, the writing is crisp and concise, and the maps are first rate. Atlas of the Civil War, Month by Month is a very valuable addition to Civil War scholarship.

Arkansas Historical Quarterly

More than fifty crisply rendered maps show the broad sweep of military campaigns and naval operations in chronological order. . . . There is much useful information here and the careful search will be rewarded.

America’s Civil War

Mark Swanson and Jacqueline D. Langley have done students of the Civil War a great service in producing this excellent atlas. Even at a glance, readers are able to get a much better grasp of the sweeping movements of the war and their overall significance.

North and South

About the Author/Editor

MARK SWANSON is an archaeologist and historian at New South Associates in Atlanta.