A Century of Early Ecocriticism

Edited by David Mazel

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A Century of Early Ecocriticism

Edited by David Mazel

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In the 1970s the relationship between literature and the environment emerged as a topic of serious and widespread interest among writers and scholars. The ideas, debates, and texts that grew out of this period subsequently converged and consolidated into the field now known as ecocriticism.

A Century of Early Ecocriticism looks behind these recent developments to a prior generation's ecocritical inclinations. Written between 1864 and 1964, these thirty-four selections include scholars writing about the “green” aspects of literature as well as nature writers reflecting on the genre.

In his introduction, David Mazel argues that these early “ecocritics” played a crucial role in both the development of environmentalism and the academic study of American literature and culture. Filled with provocative, still timely ideas, A Century of Early Ecocriticism demonstrates that our concern with the natural world has long informed our approach to literature.

David Mazel effectively challenges the impression that ecocritical approaches are of recent vintage, and succeeds admirably in his attempt to provide a 'usable past' for practicing ecocritics.

—Michael P. Branch, Mississippi Quarterly

Mazel brings together influential scholars and nature writers from 1864 to 1964 whose ideas led to the now burgeoning academic field of ecocriticism. Mazel supplements these essays, written by authors such as D.H. Lawrence, Mary Woolley and Mark Van Doren, with informative and entertaining biographical information. With questions ranging from 'What does the wilderness have to teach us?' to 'How did animal stories help pave the way for animal rights?' this book clarifies humanity's constantly evolving relationship with nature.

Environmental Magazine

Aldo Leopold

Lewis Mumford

Henry Tuckerman

James Russell Lowell

John Burroughs

William Benjamin Carpenter

Alfred Austin

Richard Jefferies

Hamilton Wright Mabie

Selden Whitcomb

Mary Woolley

Charles G. D. Roberts

Mabel Osgood Wright

Fannie Eckstorm

Havelock Ellis

Dallas Lore Sharp

Norman Foerster

D. H. Lawrence

Henry Chester Tracy

Mary Hunter Austin

Mark Van Doren

Donald Culross Peattie

F. O. Matthiessen

D. S. Savage

Jospeh Wood Krutch

Perry Miller

Sherman Paul

Leo Marx

About the Author/Editor

DAVID MAZEL is an assistant professor of English at Adams State College in Alamosa, Colorado, and editor of Mountaineering Women: Stories by Early Climbers.