The Philosophy of Ecology

From Science to Synthesis

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Pub Date: 12/05/2000

ISBN: 9-780-8203-2220-9

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The Philosophy of Ecology

From Science to Synthesis

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This is the first introductory anthology on the philosophy of ecology edited by an ecologist and a philosopher. It illustrates the range of philosophical approaches available to ecologists and provides a basis for understanding the thinking on which many of today's environmental ideas are founded. Collectively, these seminal readings make a powerful statement on the value of ecological knowledge and thinking in alleviating the many problems of modern industrial civilization.

Issues covered include:
the challenges of defining scientific ecology, tracing its genealogy, and distinguishing the science from various forms of "ecological-like" thinking
the ontology of ecological entities and processes
selected concepts of community, stability, diversity, and niche
the methodology of ecology (rationalism and empiricism, reductionism and holism)
the significance of evolutionary law for ecological science

Daniel Simberloff

Robert Ulanowicz

Eugene P. Odum

Frederic E. Clements

Henry A. Gleason

Arthur G. Tansley

Karl Möbius

Robert H. Whittaker

Simon A. Levin

Richard B. Root

Ruth Patrick

Andrew Redfearn

Stuart L. Pimm

Karl R. Popper

Robert M. May

Kristin Shrader-Frechette

Earl D. McCoy

Thomas W. Schoener

Donato Bergandi

Richard Levins

Richard C. Lewontin

T. F. H. Allen

Thomas B. Starr

David L. Hull

Stephen J. Gould

Ernst Mayr

James P. Collins

Craig Loehle

Joseph H. K. Pechmann

About the Author/Editor

David R. Keller (Editor)
DAVID R. KELLER is an assistant professor of philosophy and director of the Center for the Study of Ethics at Utah Valley State College.

Frank B. Golley (Editor)
FRANK B. GOLLEY (1930-2006) was Research Professor of Ecology, professor of zoology, and professor of environmental design at the University of Georgia. His books include A Primer for Environmental Literacy, A History of the Ecosystem Concept, and Tropical Rainforest Systems.