The New Georgia Guide

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Pages: 816

Illustrations: 85 b&w photos

Trim size: 5.500in x 9.250in



Pub Date: 04/01/1996

ISBN: 9-780-8203-1799-1

List Price: $34.95

The New Georgia Guide

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The New Georgia Guide reveals as never before Georgia's remarkable array of people and places and its rich heritage and culture.
Completely current and arranged in a region-by-region format, The Guide is filled with tours, essays, and more. Beckoning you to slow your pace and set aside your preconceptions, the Guide welcomes you to a Georgia not found in travel guides that cater to southern stereotypes and often amount to little more than a numbing recitation of facts, figures, and phone numbers.
An entertaining and informative volume, The Guide was years in the making and involved some of the state's best writers, journalists, naturalists, and historians, as well as countless other Georgians at the local level across the state.
Combining history and contemporary observation, The Guide gives you a "then-and-now" feel for such locales as the Appalachian foothills, the site of America's first gold rush in 1829 and now a renowned area for fall foliage and local crafts, or the sea islands, where wealthy northern industrialists and financiers built spectacular winter retreats along the same beaches invaded long ago by conquistadors.
A clear-eyed view of yesterday's and today's Georgians also emerges from The Guide, giving you an intimate sense of who they are, what they believe, and what their connections are to each other and to the places where they live and work.
Whether you want to stroll down Peachtree Street, tour Savannah's historic homes, visit a civil war battlefield, canoe in the Okefenokee Swamp- or just enjoy some good barbecue and listen to some bluegrass or rock, there is no better place to start exploring Georgia than in the pages of the New Georgia Guide.

The New Georgia Guide is a yarn-spinning, gallus-snapping, barbecue-sniffing, language-loving, gator-wrestling, backroad-exploring travel companion. Part history, part folklore, part recipe book, part yellow pages, there will be few Georgia natives who aren't educated or amused by some portion of it, and outsiders will find here a road map not only to the county seats but to the soul of Georgia.

—Melissa Fay Greene, author of Praying for Sheetrock

A thick, literate guide to the state.

Publishers Weekly

Exhaustive . . . The New Georgia Guide is full of the campy Americana often missed by readers of Frommer's and Fodor's, the sort of information that can mean the difference between a mere trip and an adventure.

New York Times

A timely literary roadmap to the soul of that southern state. Part history, part folklore, 100 percent informative and entertaining, this guidebook (an updated version of the WPA guide to Georgia) offers roadmaps, driving tours, trivia, photos, and an intimate look at the best places to eat, explore, and enjoy.

New York Post

Yes, go buy a copy of The New Georgia Guide. . . . It is a bargain, and you will be diverted, amused, challenged and informed by a book that is not only travelogue, but history and social commentary.

Athens Magazine

No nook or cranny of this fascinating state escapes highlighting in this vastly comprehensive guide.


A real reader's book . . . written by fine writers with a feel for their place, and including tips on touring the state.

Georgia Times-Union


Outstanding Achievement Award, Georgia Adult Education Association