Appalachee Red

A Novel

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Pages: 304

Illustrations: 14 illus.

Trim size: 6.000in x 9.000in



Pub Date: 08/01/1987

ISBN: 9-780-8203-0961-3

List Price: $26.95

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Appalachee Red

A Novel

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Bawdy and sometimes horrifying, hilarious on the way to being tragic, Raymond Andrews's Muskhogean County novels tell of black life in the Deep South from the end of the First World War to the beginning of the 1960s, from the days of mules and white men with bullwhips to the moment when the pendulum began to swing.

Andrews's first novel, Appalachee Red, is one of hard labor in the midday sun and sweet jukebox nights, of howling passion and gunpoint negotiations, of a mean white sheriff and of the enormous red-skinned black man who changed it all.

Andrews is a born story-teller. His sentences have driving rhythms; they fly like bees with stingers at the end. The mix of the funny and the awful gives the whole book a measure that sounds very much like real life. You get to know all the characters—and come to feel sorry for them all, the way one has to feel sorry for most people in this world. A fine piece of work.

—John Hersey

A first-rate novel.

—Philadelphia Inquirer

The novel is about the whole tangled web of relationships between blacks and whites in the twentieth century. . . . It's that rare thing, a great book.

—Chicago Sun-Times

About the Author/Editor

RAYMOND ANDREWS was born in Morgan County, Georgia, in 1934, the fourth of ten children. Leaving Georgia to join the Air Force and then study at Michigan State University, he moved to New York City in 1958 and lived between there and Europe for twenty-seven years before returning to Georgia. Andrews's novels include the Muskhogean County trilogy: Appalachee Red, Rosiebelle Lee Wildcat Tennessee, and Baby Sweet's (all Georgia).