Walter Biggins

Executive Editor

[email protected]

Subjects: African American history, politics, and cultural studies; American studies; Atlantic World history; essays and creative nonfiction; food studies; history; popular culture studies; southern studies


Conferences: African American Intellectual History Society, American Literature Association, American Studies Association, Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, Association of Writers and Writing Programs, Organization of American Historians, Society for Historians of the Early American Republic, South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Southern Foodways Alliance, Southern Historical Association

Notable books acquired: Medical Bondage: Race, Gender, and the Origins of American Gynecology by Deirdre Cooper Owens; Blood, Bone, and Marrow: A Biography of Harry Crews by Ted Geltner; Operation Breadbasket: An Untold Story of Civil Rights in Chicago, 1966-1971 by Martin L. Deppe; Charleston Syllabus, edited by Chad Williams, Kidada E. Williams, and Keisha N. Blain; Eighty-Eight Years: The Long Death of Slavery in the United States, 1777-1865 by Patrick Rael; New Negro Politics in the Jim Crow South by Claudrena N. Harold

In my alternate reality, I write criticism and longform nonfiction about popular culture and its interactions with politics, ethnicity, intellectual history, and lived experiences both individual and systemic. Alternate realities, of course, bleed into regular reality—you can’t have the first without the second. So, the books that I acquire tend towards these intersections, and the conflicts, compromises, and connections that such intersections cause. That being said, “interdisciplinarity” isn’t my only buzzword. If a project leans hard into a single discipline, and does it in ways that nudge the discipline along with analyzing the ostensible subject of study, I’m all for that, too.

In my alternate alternate reality, I attend a lot of Phish shows, listen to a lot of skronkety-skronk weird jazz, and watch a lot of offbeat and experimental cinema. I am also the author (with Daniel Couch) of Bob Mould’s Workbook in Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 series.