Patrick Allen

Acquisitions Editor

[email protected]

Subjects: contemporary southern culture; general interest books about Georgia and the South; film studies; food studies; landscape architecture; literary studies; public history; southeastern archaeology


Conferences: Appalachian Studies Association; Association of Southeastern Biologists; Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries; International Country Music Conference; National Council on Public History; One Hundred Miles; Society of Architectural Historians; Southeastern Archaeological Conference; Southern Garden History Society; Southern Historical Association

Although I acquire scholarly books intended for specialists and classroom use, my primary acquisitions focus at the Press is books about the state and region for general readers. That professional rubric reflects my diverse personal interests: the region’s history and literature; music, art, architectural, and decorative arts; field guides and studies of the plants, trees, and wildlife of the southeastern states; books about southern foodways and traditions; cookery and cookbooks; landscape design and history; and biographies of major regional figures of national interest.

More than my colleagues, my authors sometimes come from outside the academy and include journalists, independent scholars, and nontraditionally credentialed experts. Most exciting to me are authors who combine scrupulous scholarship and research with an accessible, lively prose style. Journalist Jingle Davis gives solid history in her books with photographer Benjamin Galland, Island Passages and Island Time, and does so in an engaging way. Renowned herpetologist Whit Gibbons delivers up-to-date science in a way that appeals to scientists and younger readers alike in his series of nature guides, including bestseller Snakes of the Southeast among others.

My publishing background outside of acquisitions includes a long stint in book marketing. Any well thought out book proposal or manuscript cover letter should include the author’s thoughts on how his/her book will be presented in the marketplace.