Our Editorial Board

University of Georgia Press Editorial Board

The University of Georgia Press Editorial Board is comprised of twelve members of the university faculty. Each member is appointed by the Provost for a three-year term. The Editorial Board reviews and approves book manuscripts, contributes to editorial and acquisition policies, and offers guidance and support.

Serving through August 15, 2022

Brian Orland, Chair, Professor of Environment and Design

Stephanie Jones, Professor of Education

Ruta Abolins, Director of Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards

Meg Amstutz, Associate Provost for Academic Programs

Serving through August 15, 2023

Isiah Lavendar III, Sterling Goodman Professor of English

Ted Gragson, Professor and Department Head of Anthropology

James F. Brooks, Carl and Sally Gable Distinguished Professor of History

Steven R. Holloway, Professor of Geography

Serving through August 15, 2024

Daniel Rood, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of History

Seth Wenger, Associate Professor and Director of River Basin Center, Department of Ecology