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Welcome to the AAG 2023 Virtual Exhibit

Below you’ll find the same kind of information we’d make available at our in-person book exhibit: a chance to meet with an editor, featured books, and a conference discount.

From March 23rd through April 27th we’re offering a 40% AAG discount  AND free shipping on the titles below. Use code 08AAG23 at checkout.

And don’t forget to get in contact with geography editor Mick Gusinde-Duffy via email or twitter!

Meet Our Geography Editor

Studio portrait of editor Mick Gusinde-Duffy

Mick Gusinde-Duffy
[email protected]

Work that tests assumptions and explores the intersections of race, class, and gender in interesting ways is always welcome, as is work that takes a (well-grounded) stand. I encourage books that meld empirical research with theoretical insight, and strive to share that evidence and thought in clear, compelling prose. In academic publishing, we often speak of scholarship for the public square. It’s a worthy goal, even when we can’t predict how many readers will show up at that square. I try to help authors prepare themselves and their writing for smart, engaged readers.

Beyond the book, I have a long-standing commitment to digital scholarship and remain deeply engaged in seeking the best ways to truly publish (not post) that scholarship. Most recently that includes digital “supplements” for books in the New Perspectives on the Civil War Era series, as well as serving on the University of Georgia’s Digital Humanities Steering Committee, part of a broader DIGI collaboration with UGA Libraries, faculty, and the Willson Center.

So, I seek fresh ideas in books and digital scholarship that bring lucid but constructive complexity to our established stories. Books that make me go “hmmm?” That’s what I seek. Surprise me.

Series Highlight: Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation

Series Editors

Mathew Coleman
[email protected]

Ishan Ashutosh
[email protected]

This series is devoted to books that engage the importance of space for questions of social and political change. This focus necessarily covers a broad range of subject matter, including international political economy, urban studies, gender, race, sexuality, and poverty and inequality. While the series is interdisciplinary, its primary emphasis is on critical human geography.

Books published in the series are designed to inform both intellectuals of broad stripes and those engaged in political processes of different kinds, from policymakers to grassroots activists. The series editors are interested in producing books that live on in academic offices and classrooms around the world but also take on life in political chambers, organizing halls, and the streets where both space and politics are produced.

Learn more about the series here.

To inquire about publishing in the series, please contact:

Mick Gusinde-Duffy
Executive Editor for
University of Georgia Press
[email protected]

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